African Media Studies in the Digital Age – Wednesday May 24 2017

Come join us for an interdisciplinary workshop hosted by Stanford’s Center for African Studies on digital media in Africa. This daylong event brings together scholars investigating the role played by digital media in a range of political, economic, social and cultural processes across the continent.


This event is held in partnership with the 2017 annual conference of the International Communication Association, Taylor and Francis/African Journalism Studies, and the blog Africa is a Country.

Find out more about the participants and their papers below.

If you are interested in attending the workshop in part or in whole, contact the organizer Toussaint Nothias at tnothias@stanford.edu

Panel 1


Keynote (Open to the public):


  • “Digital Media are for Elites:” Framing and Using Digital Media for Political Campaigning in Rural Africa (Matthew Adeiza)
  • FM radio via mobile phones: Rethinking the logics of radio distribution in Ghana (Seyram Avle)
  • “Africa Rising”: The international news media and the reframing of the African continent as the ‘final investment frontier’ (Mel Bunce)
  • Commerce, creativity and youth participation on YouTube Morocco (Mohamed El Marzouki)
  • #TwitterPresidents (Sean Jacobs)
  • Linking Development (maendeleo) and mobile telephony in Marakwet Kenya (Leah Komen)
  • Engaging with China’s emerging media and soft power: adoration and resistance in Zimbabwe (Winston Mano)
  • On the politics of things: mobile social media, urban space and political communication in Zambia’s 2011 and 2016 elections (Wendy Willems)

To find out more, download the book of abstracts here: Book of Abstracts

Panel 2


Matthew Adeiza (University of Washington)

Seyram Avle (University of Michigan)

Mel Bunce (City University)

David Cheruyiot (Karlstaad University)

Mohamed El Marzouki (Indiana University)

James Ferguson (Stanford)

James Hamilton (Stanford)

Leah Komen (Daystar University)

Sean Jacobs (New School)

Dani Madrid Morales (University of Hong Kong)

Devra Moehler (Facebook)

Chris Paterson (University of Leeds)

Leslie Steeves (University of Oregon)

Herman Wasserman (University of Cape Town)

Wendy Willems (LSE)

Kate Wright (University of Edinburgh)

Murktarat Yussuff (UCSD)

Panel 4


For any questions, you can contact the organizer – Toussaint Nothias – directly by email (tnothias@stanford.edu) or below via the form.