Keynote (Open to the public):


  • “Digital Media are for Elites:” Framing and Using Digital Media for Political Campaigning in Rural Africa (Matthew Adeiza)
  • FM radio via mobile phones: Rethinking the logics of radio distribution in Ghana (Seyram Avle)
  • “Africa Rising”: The international news media and the reframing of the African continent as the ‘final investment frontier’ (Mel Bunce)
  • Commerce, creativity and youth participation on YouTube Morocco (Mohamed El Marzouki)
  • #TwitterPresidents (Sean Jacobs)
  • Linking Development (maendeleo) and mobile telephony in Marakwet Kenya (Leah Komen)
  • Engaging with China’s emerging media and soft power: adoration and resistance in Zimbabwe (Winston Mano)
  • On the politics of things: mobile social media, urban space and political communication in Zambia’s 2011 and 2016 elections (Wendy Willems)

To find out more, download the book of abstracts here: Book of Abstracts